Sunday, December 29, 2019

Mary Shelley s Frankenstein, And Joseph Conrad s The...

It is quite obvious that both Mary Shelly’s â€Å"Frankenstein,† and Joseph Conrad’s â€Å"The Heart of Darkness† are horror stories. Oddly enough, Victor Frankenstein and Kurtz die due to result of their own selfish unmoderated behavior. Due to their personal desires for success, they both, truly went mad. Unintentionally they cause their own deaths, and along with it many others to including their own family members. Essentially there is a modern connection with the lack of moral and social advancements expressing that essentially humans are still exactly the same. With these stories, the comparison is not viewed as a sense of old thinking compared to new thinking, but highlighting a correlation between the time periods. Technologically the world is extremely advanced, but socially it still has the same issues. The human condition is exploited on a regular basis for profit or personal hierarchy in a world that is only temporary for its inhabitants. The theme of imperialism, whether through scientific discovery or conquest, is the very topic of debate during the early 1900’s. With constant scientific ingenuity, and the conquest of new lands, the ordinary man wonders if it is going too far. The monsters in these stories can be inserted into the everyday lives of common people, and can be intrinsically connected with similar modern issues of today. Fox 2 In both stories there is strong theme of hatred towards the unknown. Also known as discriminatory practices, or easily, the

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